Налоговый учет и консультации

Tax laws are changing continuously and mistakes, which can cost a company a lot of time and money, are often inevitable.

We believe that responsible attitude towards tax obligations and on-time recognition of potential changes are both crucial to successful business development. We can offer assistance in tax planning, preparation of reports, representation in Tax Inspectorate.

Tax services:

  • Tax Review. We review tax calculation and payment, inform about newly applicable procedures due to changes in tax laws.
  • Tax accounting. We perform VAT accounting services.
  • Analysis and Solutions to Tax Issues. We advise on interpretation and application of tax laws, analyse actual tax situations, research the most efficient solutions.
  • Tax Planning. We help to plan taxes, avoid tax overpayments or interest on overdue, create a tax strategy for a particular business.
  • Representation in Tax Disputes. We know the laws and requirements and have experience with tax institutions, which help us stand in front of the tax authorities well prepared.


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